Athletic Board

The Saint Charles Athletic Association Board typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  Board members are volunteers and receive no financial compensation.


Principal Saint Charles School - Dan Garvey

Athletic Directors - John Grogan and Dave Von Rueden

Basketball Coordinators -

Boys: Dave Von Rueden

Girls: Sara Ladish

Cheer Coordinator - Jane Walloch

Finance Coordinator - Chris Gigot

Registrar - Renee Gehring

Uniform Coordinator - Chelsey Jochman

Volleyball Coordinators -

Volleyball Coordinator - John Grogan

Assistant Volleyball Coordinator - Jason Matyas

Volunteer Coordinators - Jane Walloch & Jeff Walloch

Website Administrator - Jeff Walloch


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact John Grogan at  We are in need of a Banquet Coordinator.  At large board positions are also availbable and are designed for new members to ultimate replace our current sport specific coordinators.