Bobby Henkel Award

This award is for the Saint Charles eighth grade boy athlete who combines the qualities of Christian Character, academic effort, and athletic endeavor to best represent Saint Charles Athletics on the field and in the community.


Nominees should demonstrate Christ-like behavior in victory and in defeat, during practice, and in the community

Nominees should maintain a 2.0 GPA or better in each core curriculum subject.


  • Consistently puts forth their best effort
  • Consistently puts the team first
  • Consistently demonstrates good sportsmanship
  • Displays respect for coaches and teammates 

The Saint Charles Athletic Association is proud bestow the Bobby Henkel Memorial Award to our most deserving eighth grade boy athlete each year.  The award is named for former Saint Charles student-athlete Bobby Henkel who was someone that every St. Charles Athlete should know, and every St. Charles Athlete should strive to emulate. Bobby Henkel was a great kid. As a St. Charles student, he was an active participant in our athletic program. He worked hard in school and in practice. He was loved by his classmates, teammates, teachers, and coaches. Polite and respectful Bobby was true to his faith.

Sadly, Bobby Henkel, suddenly and tragically died shortly after his 8th grade graduation while playing baseball at Nixon park.

To honor Bobby and inspire future St. Charles Athletes, the Bobby Henkel Award was established.

This award is not for the Best Athlete, Best Student, or Best Christian. Rather, it is for the Athlete who best displays the combined qualities of Christian Character, Academic Effort, and Athletic Endeavor that Bobby personified.