Track & Field

"Never Take More Than You Give"

Crudsader Track & Field provides a unique experience.  Open to all 5th - 8th grade children actively enrolled in our parish school or religious education programs we practice and compete together as one team.  Recognizing that track is the one sport that makes you better at every other sport, training is geared toward individual strengths. Athletes may participate in a variety of events including running (sprints, middle distance, long distance, and relays), jumping (high and long), and throwing (softball, shot put, and discus). Individual times and distances are charted throughout the season to measure progress. Athletes are awarded medals and ribbons for 1st through 8th place at the meets. School records are honored on our track board located in the Parish Recreation Center.

The track season runs from March through May. Practices are held either at Saint Charles or at Arrowhead High School.  Parents are required to volunteer a few hours to assist timing and other meet related activiites through out the season. 

Each season our award winning coaching staff challenges our 8th grade athletes to be leaders and set the tone for the team both on and off the track.  This culminates in the annual Run for Food event where our 8th graders lead the team in an epic effort to collectively run 100 miles in less than one hour to raise money for the Saint Vincent DePaul Food Panty as well as the Kipsongo Project which was founded by Crusader Alum Krystina Finn.  

The example set by coach Michael Berendes and unique social setting of the program truly teaches our student athletes to "never take more than you give."